SILK2 ProtoFoam Plus

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The main conditioning agent in ProtoFoam Plus is a high grade unmodified, medium molecular weight hydrolyzed Protein. It works together with much smaller Panthenol particles to drastically reduce porosity, while providing a bed of absorption for increased moisture retention.
The PLUS refers to Panthenol, Pro Vitamin B5 which delivers a dose of tiny sheen enhancing particles that strengthen the hair. They also act as highly complimentary fillers to the larger Protein particles.
A luxurious conditioning FOAM helps to retain and concentrate the conditioning ingredients on the hair where they belong. Less product ends up in drip and run-off than is common with other Protein conditioners. The massaging and smoothing actions required to produce the foam aids in more thorough distribution as well as increased penetration. The result is, you get more done with less.

Available 8oz Size