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FiberGuard SenScalp Relaxer 9Kit

FiberGuard SenScalp Relaxer 9Kit

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A multipatented, four-step system which preserves up to 40% more of the hair’s strength compared to conventional relaxers.

Formulated with Avlon’s exclusive Fiber Strengthening Complex (FSC), which reinforces the hair fiber structure during relaxing.
Strengthening polymers in the relaxer creme penetrate hair fibers leaving hair with significantly more tensile strength and elasticity after relaxing.
This patented conditioning relaxer is designed to provide maximum scalp comfort for clients with dry and sensitive scalps.
Capable of retarding osmotic pressure build-up.
Hair is scientifically proven to be stronger and better able to withstand mechanical stresses related to normal styling and the environment.
Available in an adjustable formula: mild, normal and resistant strengths.

Kit Contains 9 Applications

For Professional Use Only

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