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FiberGuard Bridge Serum 3 pk

FiberGuard Bridge Serum 3 pk

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Avlon Affirm FiberGuard Bridge Conditioning Serum Allows stylists to Relax and apply Permanent Hair Color on the SAME DAY when used with FiberGuard Conditioning Relaxer System and MoisturColor Permanent Creme Hair Color System. With FiberGuard Bridge Conditioning Serum:
Hair remains stronger
Wet hair is easier to comb
Hair is shiny, soft and free-flowing For years, stylists have known that relaxing hair and coloring it with permanent color on the same day were two seemingly incompatible chemical services. Doing so can cause a lot of damage to hair. Even highly experienced colorists proceeded with caution. With the new FiberGuard Bridge Conditioning Serum, the impossible is now POSSIBLE! Hair strength is retained when the Bridge Conditioning Serum is used in conjunction with dual processing, using the FiberGuard Relaxer System and MoisturColor Permanent Color (with up to 20-volume developer).

Box Contents: 3 - 0.5oz Single Dose Vials

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