My Nioxin Journey

Posted by Charles Bouie on

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  • Is it me or has the Nioxin hair drops been harder to find lately? I checked and I was not able to find them. I did think the Nioxins affect was dryer on my head than I than I have traditionally felt. I have been so used to having more weight on my hair that I have now. But my hair is healthy and it is really beginning to stretch.

    CC on

  • Hey, braids and weaves seem to be maintaining a real grip on women today, and the braiders only want the look of nice tight braids and may set the braids where it does not pull at the roots of the hair. What can someone look for that would say the styler is a careful one? Are there any signs we should pay attention to?

    Charlie Curls on

  • Did you know that traction alopecia can occur all over the head, and not just the edges. Many women are now noticing bald spots in various locations on the scalp. Braiding the hair tightly all over the head for an extended period of time creates this situation. In moving away from chemicals tearing our hair, some natural wearers are pulling their hair out, literally, over time. This could be an opportunity for professionals to step in and help create natural styles that are beautiful, and do not destroy the hairline.

    AC on

  • Don’t you know that cold has a much harsher feel, when you have no hair on your head?

    CB on

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