My Nioxin Journey

My Nioxin Journey

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January 2018

Hey, I am Charles at Caris.  I am starting my Nioxin journey to regrow my hair.  Like many men, bald does not work for me ( I tried it for several years) and I have moved back to growing my hair back, only to discover, not only do I have "widow peaks", I also am loosing hair in the center of my scalp. 

Since we have had Nioxin in our product mix, I decided to use this for 2018 and see if I can really grow the hair back. 

I started my Nioxin journey right after Martin Luther King's Birthday.  I am adding Week 1 images.  My barber, cut my hair back to as close to an even level as he could.  When my hair grows, the balding is quite noticeable.


After 6 months


My regiment will consist of the following products -
Nioxin Hair Regrowth Treatment (use 2x per day)
Nioxin Night Density Rescue (use 1x per day)
Nioxin Diamax Thickening treatment (use 1x per day)
Nioxin Bodifying Foam (use 1x per day)
Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Cleanser & Conditioner (use 1x per 2 days)
Nioxin Dermabrasion Treatment - 1x every 45 days applied by my barber.

I will document the differences here.  Let me know your thoughts as well. Remember, with these types of products, you have to be in it for the long term, not a couple of weeks or 30 days.  CB

6/7/18 Entry:
So, after 6 months, lets see what I am working with - (now that I am getting a bit of hair, my barber suggested letting it grow a bit).

The hair is thickening at the balding area.  Let's go for another 6 months and see what I get.  Hang on, long ride here. CB

End of the Summer, 8/8/2018

My Hair has continued to thicken.  The hair line is lagging, but comparing to my January pictures, it has really worked well. The challenge is always going to be CONSISTENCY! You can not go too long without applying the regimen. I must be honest and say that I do not always put the drops on my head a night, but I do in the mornings. Can't wait for my September Shots!

What do you guys think?

October Pictures - I decided to go with a younger look to slow up the grey.  Still no thoughts?

October and I a small natural fro going

November pictures

Well, one of the things I tried to do to help myself out was to allow my hair to grow and this would change my look up.  Sometimes, you have to make some changes to get your desired end result. I wish I could wear short and wavy hair, but I don't want to look my age either.  Hey Guys, striving to keep my appearance where I want it. Keep using that Nioxin and make some changes to help. 

December, 2018

Well, a year has flown by and let's see where my Nioxin journey landed me!


I think I have filled in quite nicely. I also had to make a change in my style and go to slightly longer hair. I attribute the changes to the use of Nioxin, a good stylist to help me get to this point and keeping my hair healthy and neat. At Caris, we always want to have high quality products available, but it will take some personal investment to get to a look you want to have.

Thanks for joining me on this journey, we have Nioxin available at Caris Salon Services.

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Is it me or has the Nioxin hair drops been harder to find lately? I checked and I was not able to find them. I did think the Nioxins affect was dryer on my head than I than I have traditionally felt. I have been so used to having more weight on my hair that I have now. But my hair is healthy and it is really beginning to stretch.


Hey, braids and weaves seem to be maintaining a real grip on women today, and the braiders only want the look of nice tight braids and may set the braids where it does not pull at the roots of the hair. What can someone look for that would say the styler is a careful one? Are there any signs we should pay attention to?

Charlie Curls

Did you know that traction alopecia can occur all over the head, and not just the edges. Many women are now noticing bald spots in various locations on the scalp. Braiding the hair tightly all over the head for an extended period of time creates this situation. In moving away from chemicals tearing our hair, some natural wearers are pulling their hair out, literally, over time. This could be an opportunity for professionals to step in and help create natural styles that are beautiful, and do not destroy the hairline.


Don’t you know that cold has a much harsher feel, when you have no hair on your head?


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