Summer's Ending, Moisturize Hair

Summer's Ending, Moisturize Hair

Why Moisturize Hair?  Have you ever seen what happens to branches that have been cut from trees or see how a weed dries out when pulled from the ground?  Your hair is the same way, only it can still be connected to your head and grow dry.  With the examples given above, the branch and the weed, the physical structure changes as the moisture or water leaves the body.  

So, Charles, sure, perhaps the branch should not have been pulled or cut from the tree and the weed pulled out of the ground.  Well, the point I am trying to make is when your hair becomes dry, it dulls, it frizzes and it has a straw feeling to it.  Moisture is one of the main element for hair control, so it is important to keep hair moisturized. 

And, for client wearing weave, extensions, locks, braids and other protective styles, moisture is critical otherwise, at the end of your tenure in this style, you may have to cut the hair due to split ends or possibly other hair and scalp issues. 

Find a good moisturizing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner to use.  Look for For natural hair wearers, you should moisturize daily.  Look for shampoos that replace oils and are lighter on the sulfates.  In the event you need a deeper cleaning or used a sulfate shampoo, come back with a good moisturizing conditioner and moisturize the hair. 

Keep us in mind, we want to promote healthy hair. 

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I have been rather dry towards the end of the summer. The weather has been a bit more hot than usual and where I am, it has been dryer. I have had to moisturize mornings and evenings to keep my hair manageable. I often tell people on social media about keeping healthy hair, but I do not think all really understands the long term impacts of having dry hair, especially if you have black hair. Not many people know to use intensive moisturizing conditioners (there are several included in this store) and allowing hair to air dry from time to time also helps.

Charlie Curls

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