What's with Healthy Hair?

What's with Healthy Hair?

Hair, it has represented many things, from an indication of royalty and upper class to representing the youth and vitality in other cultures.  Hair comes in many forms ranging from the straightest of hair to the tightest of curls.  Hair, when cared for properly, is strong, shiny, and controlled.  But as we can't see the top, sides or back of our heads, it can be a challenge to manage. 

Finding a stylist to help you keep your look going.  Professional products are designed for those stylists who have the time and education in use. They are stronger than versions that may be released for retail use (chemical treatments such as color and relaxers).  Tools have been developed that may also need to be handled by a professional, 450 degree flat irons to name one.  There are a lot of youtube video's out there about proper flat ironing, which means a lot of people have damaged their hair with this product.  Like anything, a flat iron is a wonderful tool, but in the wrong hands, it can damage your hair. 

Find a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for your hair and don't be afraid to use a water based spritz to help you keep the mane controlled.  Grey hair may need a bit more moisture, so take your time with Grey and consider moisturizers specifically designed for grey hair.  

Clients, look for stylists who are willing to tell you what is going on with your hair. If you are thinning, they will be the first to notice -- what are you seeing in that comb or brush you are using in your hair. If you are beginning to see more and more hair, you may need to make a plan to address it. (see the Combating baldness blog)

At Caris, we have a wonderful selection of products that you can use for natural, relaxed or color treated hair. 

Stylists, Make sure you are sharing the information with the clients about what you are seeing with their hair and scalp.  Nioxin has a great tool, the Nioscope, which can really help you in this department and your client can keep a log of their hair and scalp care over time. 

Remember, we are all about healthy hair, and so should you! 

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Hey, I just wanted to remind all who desire to have healthy hair, which starts with a healthy stress free scalp. We now see more braids on small children and teens as a daily style. The perception that easy to go is the best way long term, but there are some unique challenges with keeping your hair braided for long periods of time. First, you must know how to braid the hair and one of the most important points about braiding hair is protecting the roots.
Are you planting seeds now that will result in hair loss and thinning around the edges? Braiding is probably the worst culprit for future thinning around the edges. The hair edge is the most fragile part of the hair. Pulling and tightly braiding in this area causes traction alopecia. This is where the hair is pulled so tightly that it is actually comes out of the scalp, bringing the follicle bulb (papilla) with it. The papilla is the part that nourishes the hair follicle that gives life to the hair. If the follicle can not be nourished, then it dies. No more hair. You know this because that area of the head becomes shiny and smooth.


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